Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Agnanti with friends

What a fun and delicious meal! If you are in the Astoria park area and your belly starts a rumbling- head on over to Agnanti and you won't be dissapointed.
We were hoping for some outside seating, but because our party was so large it just wasn't feasible. I think we ended up at around 14 or so after all the stragglers came and went! This cute little almost parkside Greek restaurant has quite a selection of smaller plates great for sharing. Since there were so many of us and such a large menu- Laura and i just went down the list and tried to get a good variety of plates for us all. It became a huge tasting party! Because i was so enamored by the place and food, my usual nazi photographer style was lost. I don't think i got pics of food at all!
But here is what i remember us having anyway... we got a dip platter to start us off with Taramosalata-carp roe spread, Tzantziki-yogurt, cucumber, mild garlic and dill dip, Tyrokafteri-spicy cheese spread, and that other one with the garlicky mashed potatoes. Also a large greek salad that was delicious huge chunks of tomoatoes and cucumbers and onions with the feta on the side in a huge slab, yum!

Here come the plates: Grilled Octopus, Kolokythokeftedes Mykonos- Zucchini and cheese croquets, Greek Sausage with orange or leeks, Mushrooms Kalitsounia -homemade dough wrapped around mushrooms and herbs, Pastroumali-thinly sliced dried pressed beef and cheese wrapped in phyllo, Sigar Bourek -fried homemade dough-rolls stuffed with a variety of cheeses, Bourek- thinly rolled pastry stuffed with chopped meat that i discovered was lamb (i don't do lamb), Sardeles- imported grilled sardines, Soutzoukakia- ground meat balls with spices, cooked in tomato sauce, and another plate of meatballs with a yogurt sauce that was also lamb.

I'm probably missing something but even if i weren't, this definitley looks like enough! I must say that everything i tasted was great. Other then mistakenly biting into the lamb bourek, i was completely satisfied. The sausage had such a different kind of seasoning, the orange flavor added a really cool twist to it. The little mushroom packets were to die for and they are on my list for seconds when i return. Also the pastroumali reminded me of a dainty calzone with oozing cheezy goodness. Jonathan suggested the sardines (which Laura and i were happy about) and they were a hit! Michelle and Cathy for their first time tried them and i think we have converts to the "tastes better then it smells" club!

Find them at the end of Ditmars @ the Park (19th St)
19-06 Ditmars Boulevard
Astoria, NY 11105
Tel. 718.545.4554

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JR said...

So glad to hear. We're headed there tonight.

You forgot to mention that it was an Astoria outsider Alexis all the way from JaxHghts who keyed you to the restaurant -