Monday, January 16, 2006

Olympia Chemists

While in line buying cookies at Rose & Joe's Bakery today to satisfy my never-ending sweet tooth, I spied a slick postcard on the counter advertising for Olympia Chemist's (woe is the life of the misplaced apostrophe). I was there a couple weekends ago, and thought it was a pretty nice place. Bright and cheery, they carry a wide selection of organic, herbal, and homeopathic remedies, cosmetics and fragrances, as well as vitamins and sundries. I was particularly pleased to see that they carry a few of my favorite brands, like Burt's Bees (love the lemon butter cuticle cream) and L'Occitane (love the lemon verbena line - yes, I adore the scent of lemon and citrus in general). They will fill prescriptions and accept major insurances. The woman who was working there (possibly the owner - I didn't ask at the time) was really helpful in guiding me to a good multivitamin and I appreciated that she just let me browse the rest of the store without hovering over me or pressuring me to buy anything in particular. After I made my purchase, she offered me a sample of some very nice glycerine citrus soap. Yay for free stuff!

The bonus about visiting this place is that you are a couple doors down from Artopolis Bakery and the Mediterranean Foods market, as well as an interesting looking meat market (more about these places in future postings).

Olympia Chemists
Agora Plaza
23-18 31st Street


jayme said...

I really like this little store. I don't know about the pharmacy itself but the products, people, and selection of off the shelf stuff is quite nice. Prices seem comparable to CVS and I'd much rather shop small, local owned that big chain with stupid long line. Good find megc!

Anonymous said...

Great place! Not only do they have a great supply of interesting beauty products, the pharmacy is excellent. I was having a problem getting my prescription filled and the solution was remedied within a couple of minutes. Unlike commercial drug stores, the pharmacist is extremely fast and actually takes the time to explain things. I noticed another customer in the pharmacy that was having difficultly with their medicaid part D. This elderly patient was upset because several other pharmacies failed to succeed in filling her scripts and asked for a large co-pay.The pharmacist at Olympia took the time to make sure she left the store with medications.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a place. I have never seen a pharmacy like this one. They have amazing products and an unbelievably tranquil atmosphere. My prescription was filled right away, I will never go back to a chain store again.

Anonymous said...

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