Monday, April 30, 2007

Kitten Parade!

Some time ago I mentioned to you all the wonderful animal rescue peeps here at home, Francis's Friends. Well just for the heck of it, I decided to check out who they've got over there these days. I thought i'd share with you that there are 3 babies, yes thats right 3 babies available right now!
Here's a roundup:
Lovely Linda (black) & Lexus (tabby) Malibu (tabby)-
Lovely Linda and Lexus are 6 week old siblings. Malibu is their cousin who is 2 weeks younger. Their moms and their colony feeders took such great care of them. Now their rescuer/fostermom is loving taking care of them. They have the greatest expressions on their faces and they are in wonder of Arizona, a slightly older cat, who shares the room with them.
If you can't stop looking at these adorable little faces and want to meet them, call Laurie @ 917-682-2803.

* There are other cuties there that are a little past the "kitten stage" but that need your love just the same. If you are looking for a more mature cat, they've got those too!

Francis's Friends
25-02 23rd Ave
Astoria, NY 11105

(feel free to contact them directly and pass on some spare cash and/or supplies or volunteer time!)

Sunday, April 29, 2007


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Spent some time in southern Astoria today, going to a movie and then stopping into Sunswick for a drink and a snack afterwards. I've had some off-times there with the service, but today things were great. I think partially because there werent many people in there on a Sunday afternoon. Had a drink and some guac and chips (yum), enjoyed watching part of the Yankee game, and had a terrific time overall. They have some of the best beer selections in town, too (I had the Sierra Nevada Summer Ale). And look at all the fun stuff they do during the week! I'll be back.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fresh Garbanzos

Fresh Garbanzos
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While at the Trade Fair on Ditmars, I saw fresh garbanzos for sale. Yes! Fresh! I have never seen them fresh before. I couldn't resist buying some. Not sure what I'll do with them yet, but am excited by the prospect of fresh shell beans. Yum.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Frock and Roll tomorrow night- closing

Found this in my myspace travels...

"Feeling adventurous this Saturday? Want a fun and different pre-event event? Then head out to Long Island City and check out the closing night of Frock and Roll. It's a multimedia exhibition exploring the connection, evolution, and impact that visual art, fashion and rock and roll evoke in our society. Frock and Roll developed from obsessions for vintage materials, music, the zeitgeist of decades past and future, idols and heroes, and contemporary design. The artists in this exposition are aroused by classic, glitter, metal and all incarnations of rock that resonate in us to construct a new aesthetic."
Local Project
21-36 44th Road, Long Island City, Queens
6p; $free

For my nerd brethren ;)

Tomorrow (Saturday April 28th) is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!!! Yes, you heard me right- you can get score yourself a freebie right here. The lovely and local folks over at SILVER AGE COMICS are participating in the annual event. Step right up and get a chance to discover some great graphic novels. You can find them in their tricky little location on the 2nd floor next to the exit from the Ditmars subway station @ 22-55 31st St. (718) 721-9691. Happy reading!

Astorian Weekend Edition 27.04.07

So, the old joke is "April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring?? Pilgrims!" This weekend we'll start with April showers (but no pilgrms to my knowledge) and end with those clearing by Sunday, perfect timing for KiteFlight: Skyscrapers at Socrates! This is their fifth annual kite event. You'll be able to build and decorate a kite for free (supplies will be provided). 11am-2pm at the Park, rain or shine. Sunday also brings us the first Street Fair of the season, on Steinway Street between 28th and 34th Avenues, from 11am-6pm. That's four big blocks of mozzarepa/cheap socks/and meat-on-a-stick goodness!

There's also lots of music going on this weekend. You can stop by Waltz on Friday night at 9pm to hear some Brazilian Jazz. Duo Anthony Lanni and Dan Kendall (plus a special guest) will play Bossa Nova and Samba, among others. Jazz singer Robin Aleman will open for them. No cover, $7 drink minimum. On Saturday at 3:30pm, stop by the Broadway branch of the Queens Library for Folktales, Music and Dance from the Philippines. Potri Ranka Manis narrates stories around traditional dance and music featuring kulintang (native gong) and other traditional instruments. She tells stories in English and Tagalog, accompanied by dancer Kinding Sindaw. And on Sunday at 3pm, the Women's Studio Center in LIC presents Carol Sudhalter's International Quintet, performing jazz standards and Latin.

If you want to flex your volunteer muscles, join in the fun at Build it Green! Sign up for their Second Annual Volunteer Day, happening this Saturday, from 1-5pm. Not only will you help beautify their cavernous warehouse, all volunteers get an extra 15% off their next purchase under $500. After-party at the Beer Garden, too. Nice. By the way, did you know the Bohemian Hall is hiring?

The Astoria/LIC Waterfront Walking Tour is this weekend. From 11am-1pm, Richard Melnick will guide you through the western edge of the neighborhood, starting at the corner of Ditmars and Shore Boulevards, and ending at Rainey Park. Be sure to RSVP at (718) 278-0700 or check the GAHS website. And Recycle-A-Bicycle's Spring Ride Club starts this weekend too, Sunday at 10am. Join students and teachers there and learn safe bike-riding skills. Meet at the Recycle-A-Bicycle training center at the corner of 46 Avenue and 5th Street.

Finally, when you have a bit of time, check out the discussion about a Greenmarket in Astoria, and sign the petition if you support the idea.

More fun, here.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Power! Take Yours Back and Make Sure Con-Ed Stays ON IT

I just received some info about the next Power for the People (PFP) event, a Volunteer and Planning Meeting, Saturday, April 28 at 11am, at All Saints Church hall in Sunnyside (43-12 46th Street, one block north of the 7 train 46th St.-Bliss St. stop). They plan to catch people up on what the group has been doing during the winter. Topics to be discussed:
1. PSC voted to put Con Ed on trial for the outage. Last week, the PSC finally decided to essentially put Con Ed on trial through a "prudence proceeding," which can prevent Con Ed from passing on outage-related captial expenses to us as a rate hike. This is an important victory that everyone contributed to, which we will talk about at the meeting. Here is a link to an April 22 Daily News editorial on this titled Con Ed must get zapped.

2. Con Ed's request for settlement talks. Con Ed tried to short-circuit the prudence proceeding by offering settlement talks to resolve some outage issues (such as retroactive payment for our non-food losses) but also to avoid taking blame. PFP wrote a letter opposing this strategy (read it at our website) and we'll talk about this, too.

3. Summer is coming: outage preparation. The PSC investigators say there is no way to know whether we could have another outage this summer because of stress on the Long Island City network from last year's outage. A PFP activist with Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training will talk about how to prepare.

4. Future PFP Activities. These include a possible public forum on "getting ready for summer & outage preparation;" a possible picket or other activity to protest Con Ed's new, 3-year rate hike request (due on May 4!); and a possible Flashlight March through the community on the first anniversary of the outage.

We look forward to seeing you at the April 28 meeting.

Western Queens Power for the People Campaign (718) 512-5442;

Pink Sale!!!

Hey ladies, the peeps over at Candy Plum are celebrating a birthday this weekend and are sharing the joy with all of us! Go enjoy all pink items at 10% off. The sale starts tonight (thurs 4/26 and goes til closing on sun) so don't miss out!

Greenmarket! Greenmarket!

So, about a month ago, a group of concerned Astoria residents met with representatives from the Council on the Environment of NYC (CENYC, for short - they oversee most of the greenmarkets in the five boroughs) to discuss the possbility of bringing a greenmarket to Astoria. I mean, there's a litty itty bitty one down near Ravenswood, but it's way out of the way for most Astoria residents. One of the issues that came up was where the greenmarket could be held, and after much discussion, we settled on Athens Square Park (30th Avenue near 30th Street).

Now, part of the process is going to the Community Board and stating our case for the greenmarket in this space. And this is where you come in! If you support the idea of a greenmarket in Astoria - a source of fresh, locally grown, organic produce, cheese, bread, and the like - please sign the petition before May 1! As I see it, this can only enhance life in Astoria. Thumbs up!

Silly Willy, I mean Thomas!

You may remember some time ago i was on this little local podcast talking about Astorian events and stuff. Well alot of time has passed and people have come and gone. Essentially, they aren't Astoria's only podcast anymore cause basically- they've all left! We have remained in touch though, which is a good thing since one of the crazies over there has started a new adventure.
Thomas J. Kelly is back and slippery when wet with The Little Merman. He's got 6 episodes up of his antics trying to become the first male mer-person to work at Weeki Wachee in Florida.

So yeah, bored at the office at all? Take a look and laugh your self silly with The Little Merman :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More About Your Neighborhood

John at has another take on neighborhoods in Western Queens. I like that fact that he includes Dutch Kills, my new nabe of intrigue:

Dutch Kills
An old neighborhood, one of the first Dutch settlements on Long Island, Dutch Kills is north of Queens Plaza, between Queensbridge/Ravenswood and the Sunnyside Rail Yards. As realtors seek to cash in on Astoria's popularity, Dutch Kills addresses become known in the classifieds as "Astoria/Long Island City." The neighborhood is a mix of residential and industrial. Low rents predominate, but dilapidated blocks and lonely stretches make it a Long Island City frontier, despite great access to the N and W subways.

Fame: The Fisher Landau Center for Art is a private collection of contemporary American art.

And then there's Blissville (a little far, but I love the name)!

Ah Blissville! Despite such a great name, the actual neighborhood is sure to disappoint. It's a small area south of the LIE, next to Cavalry Cemetery and Newtown Creek, with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Blissville is named for mid-nineteenth century Greenpoint developer Neziah Bliss, and it continues its strong ties to Greenpoint, just over the JJ Byrne Memorial Bridge in Brooklyn.

Fame: The tombstones and chapel in Cavalry Cemetery are glorious. Newtown Creek should be famous, but is sadly just polluted.

Thanks, John!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Your Neighborhood, Defined by the Queens Gazette

While poking around various news sources today, I came across these fun factoid blurb descriptions of various neighborhoods in Queens. Here's Western Queens:

This primarily residential, one and two family area was known as Hallets Cove in the eighteenth century. The area was given its current name in honor of John Jacob Astor. It later became part of Long Island City.

Astoria, the home of Kaufmann-Astoria Studios which opened in 1920, has a large Greek influence (the largest Greek population outside of Athens) but Italian, Asian and South American cultures also have major influence.

A section of northern Astoria, generally considered part of the greater community.

Home to major power plants, Ditmars was named for the first mayor of Long Island City, Abram Ditmars.

Hunters Point
A section of Long Island City, Hunters Point was named for George Hunter who owned the property in 1825. The riverside location secured an industrial importance for this neighborhood.

Although still industrial in nature residential sections have remained and more housing is planned as part of the Queens West development.

Long Island City
Long Island City was originally part of the town of Newtown but combined with the villages of Ravenswood, Dutch Kills, Hunters Point, Astoria and Steinway to form Long Island City in 1870.

Predominately industrial in nature because of the Queensboro Bridge and linking subway lines, the area was only doted with residential sections. The area, though still predominately industrial, is home to loft-sized dwellings and many artistic endeavors.

Named for Rev. John Ravenscroft, Ravenswood is a part of Long Island City.

The riverfront estates that once filled this area are now apartment buildings, one of which is the Ravenswood housing project.

Roosevelt Island
Located in the East River between New York City and Queens, Franklin D. Roosevelt Island, is part of Manhattan administratively, with a large residential development and a major rehabilitative hospital, Coler Memorial.

Home to Indians, the island was settled by Europeans in the late 17th century, bought by New York City in the late 1820s and was named Blackwell’s Island. It subsequently became Welfare Island in 1921 and finally Roosevelt Island in 1973.

An area originally settled by the Germans in the early nineteenth century and part of the larger Astoria community.

Steinway was given its name when piano manufacturer Theodore Steinway moved his piano plant there from Manhattan.

And, our neighbors to the east:

Sunnyside is named for a farm that became the town’s original site. Sunnyside Gardens, a development of garden apartments, was the first of its kind in the United States.

Celtic Park was a recreational spot and center for sports to the large Irish population that inhabited the area. The spot became a greyhound racetrack and is currently the site of Celtic Park Houses, a large apartment complex.


This neighborhood, a blend of residential, commercial and industrial areas that is named due to the large wooded area that was located there in 1869 when the town was founded.

Tower Square located on Northern Boulevard and 51st Street was built as a railway station and has since been preserved as a landmark.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Spiderman Week is Coming!

Ok, so I love these Spiderman movies with Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst. But I've enjoyed Spiderman since I was a kid, especially loving the animated series on TV in the 70s, what with its catchy theme song and lyrics ("Spiderman, Spiderman/Friendly neighborhood Spiderman./Is he strong?/Listen bud!/He's got radioactive blood - lookout!/Here comes the Spiderman!"). Anyway, Spiderman Week in NYC is coming up. Astoria plays a big part in it, too - from Wired:
The City of New York has declared the week of April 30th through May 6th "Spider-Man Week in NYC". The marketing ploy starts off with a cast appearance and street festival in the Today plaza in Rockefeller Center (when did they name the plaza after the morning show that monopolizes it every day?). Tobey and Kirsten will then jet off to luxurious Astoria, Queens -- where Peter Parker is from -- to celebrate the film's US premiere at the UA Kaufman Astoria 14 theater. The Tribeca Film Festival will also have simultaneous screenings in the other four boroughs, which will be open to the public.
I guess I didn't realize that Peter Parker was supposed to be from luxurious Astoria!

Around Town

Hope you all had a good Earth Day this Sunday! On Saturday Sooz and I were busy with NY Cares' Hands On NY event as part of the Astoria Cares team. We helped out at the Goodwill Triangle and Astoria Park. Pictures can be found here. It was a gorgeous day to be out helping improve our fair city.

Last week I stopped in at the Steinway Branch of the Queens Library and picked up a library card! I've been a fan and user of libraries all my life (my mom trained as a Children's Librarian in college), so I'm a little shocked that it's taken this long to get myself a library card. Anyway, it's a bit smaller than the Emma Clark Library I was used to on Long Island, but it had plenty of books and a lot of interesting "new and popular" books. Also saw that they have CDs, DVDs and Videos to check out, which is way cool. I found some great cookbooks, too. Anyway, with our lack of good bookstores in town, the library is a definite viable option. There are two other branches I'm aware of, one of Broadway and one on Astoria Blvd.

At the Steinway branch there were a lot of community announcements, and I saw an ad for a very cute black and white cat for adoption called "Spookey", and an announcement for a Book Discussion at Igloo this Thursday at 7pm. They'll be discussing Nightingales by Gillian Gill. The book is available at the circulation desk at the library, if you're interested.

While I was out and about, I stopped in at Fresh Start Market on 23rd Ave to pick up some castile soap. They had the kind I was looking for, tea tree scented. I am totally in love with Dr. Bronner's castile soap these days. While I was looking around I decided to get a smoothie, the "Cowboy", which had blueberries and peaches among others. The woman behind the counter gave me a sample of some other juice that had orange and peach in it, and it was really, really good. They have expanded their offerings substantially. You can get all sorts of organic product there, as well as pet food and prepared vegan food. Really impressive, and I'll be shopping there more often.

Lastly, just a note to let you know that as of today I'm writing for the OuterB (but not abandoning Joey in Astoria!), a site about Queens real estate. Come by and say hi!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 20.04.07

It should be Earth Day every day. Since it's not, let's celebrate it this weekend! Saturday go enjoy the break in the rain by cheering on the Astorian contingent of NY Cares! Meg and myself along with another dozen or so merry makers will be working on beautifying our lovely nabe. I will not turn you away if you feel like getting down and dirty in the mud with us ;)

Looks like it may get a little crowded too since Waterfront Parks people are joining in on the fun. Nah, there's room for everyone!

Working hard all day builds up an appetite: have some hearty Portuguese grub. New in the hood is Arcos and I'm oh-so-excited about the menu.

Sunday looks to be an outdoorsy kind of day too, finish off the green weekend participating or donating to the MS Walk. I'll be walking in NJ for my best friend but there are locations everywhere! Your closest one will be the South Street Seaport- not a bad view at all!

If you're staying local and over by the park, why not sit outside and enjoy the delicious offerings of Agnanti?! It's one of my favorite Greek restaurants ever. Now's the time if you've never been.

Web wise: Check in on the Hellgate CSA peeps and see what's going to be available for you this season. Great new goodies for all!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Help Start a Garden

Ho humm. It's so nice up here by lovely Astoria Park. I sure wish I could garden... Alas, now you can be part-founder of the new and exciting Community Garden!

Map to location:

This from our friends over at Parks:

Garden Days at Two Coves Garden/Goodwill Triangle!

What: Come meet friends and neighbors to help start a new community garden and keep the garden beautiful. On April 21st , we're kicking off the garden season with regular weekly gardening days every Saturday. We'll be planting, weeding, building raised garden beds, and more!
When: Saturday, April 21, 10am-1pm and Sunday, April 22, 10am-1pm
Where: Goodwill Triangle/Two Coves Garden at 30th Avenue, 8th Street, and Astoria Blvd
Who: Friends of Two Coves Garden
More info: Contact Karen at or 718-706-8044

Friday, April 13, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 13.04.07

[this edition highlights both Astoria and Astorians...]

Did you know that Saturday, April 14 is the National Day of Climate Action? Indeed it is. Step It Up is putting together numerous actions around the country, and NYC is contributing the Sea of People action, noon on Saturday (more here). Why do I mention it? Our own Joey is gonna be part of it!

This whole weekend will be rainy, which is great weather to say inside and relax. Maybe go see a movie (and catch some cool demonstrations while you're there) Or tweet with your friends. Maybe finally sign up for the local CSA season.

If you feel like venturing out - perhaps a to take a break from your taxes - P.S.1 presents Sarah Sze for a gallery talk about her work on Saturday at 3:00 pm. At the Noguchi, you can catch the end of Shin Banraisha: A Cultural Memory. For more cultural stimulation, the Lost Dog Music Ensemble, Astoria's premiere new music group, is playing a concert. It's at Tenri, but the group is comprised of lots of Astoria musicians.

If you happen to be dining at Mundo this weekend, take a look at the walls where you'll find paintings by local Queens artist Kenneth Yee. I love places in town that show art! Other great places to see art while eating/drinking are Fatty's, Freezepeach, and while there's no local art up on the walls, I love the decor at Cafe Bar. And on the subject of cafes, I've heard that Cafe Henri (1010 50th Ave. in LIC) has broadened their menu and improved a whole bunch of things there. Check it out!

And I can't forget to mention the Greek Independence Parade this Sunday! I'm sure many of my Greek neighbors will be on 5th Ave that afternoon. It starts at 1pm, but will be shown on FOX, 1:30-3:30pm.

More fun, here.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I love the Irish Rover

I really do. As a heathen on Easter, it was a nice place to be. Great pint of Harp, baseball on the main TV, and music at a reasonable level. They have a great jukebox, by the way.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dutch Kills in the News

The Times has a recent article, Thinking Big at a Time Others Are Thinking Small, regarding the call from some Dutch Kills residents for upzoning instead of downzoning, a subject that is talked so much about these days when it comes to the bugaboo of overdevelopment. Some feel that if development doesn't come to Dutch Kills, "the neighborhood will atrophy and die." For those not in the know, Dutch Kills is in northern LIC, its southern border pretty much at the Queensboro Bridge.

[Sidebar: do you call it the Queensboro Bridge or the 59th Street Bridge?]

LICNYC also brings the article to light.

Anyway, read the article, make up your mind. I don't know Dutch Kills very well, but the article makes me want to explore it and see their mix of residential and industrial use.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 06.04.07

Hooray for funky new shops opening up near home! If you missed Site's grand opening yesterday, it's no problem: stop in Friday and welcome them with some shopping action. They are setting up shop in the south side of town, 35-11 34th Ave which is also very cool. Their myspace says they are into "well designed objects, vintage must haves, retro fabrics, yellow, glitter, bling, oh-la-la, stripes and polka dots, femme ornament, high gloss shine, edison bulbs, pretty little feathers, lightning, gemstones, cupcakes, periwinkle and purple, hot off the press art, nature, science, and the whole big bang." Fit what you're looking for?

Being around the corner from Cafe Bar (32-90 36th St) makes it oh so easy to stop there afterwards for a nosh, go crepe crazy!

Seems like forever since I've stopped in to Crescent Lounge (32-05 Crescent St.). Saturday night (and most other nights too) from 5-8 daily they have all kinds of drink specials!
Gotta love Rizzo's, and since I'm reminiscing about Crescent- might as well pay them a visit too. After all the happy hour action, grab a deal with 2 slices and a coke (used to be $5 way back when, lets see if it's still a bargain!)

If you want to spend the day outside with all the spring in the air, dust off your Japanese skills and take in a free tour of the Noguchi Museum (9-01 33rd Road @ Vernon). It's free with admission, but remember- it will be in Japanese! For tour info and all the other goodies from them, stop in or check

No egg hunts or bunny visits for you?
Be happy anyways! First we had Tuesday nights with Matt Taylor at Waltz, now the chuckles will be coming to Stini Yiamas (35-03 Ditmars Blvd) on Sunday nights! Easter Sunday at 9pm, let the comedic stylings of our very own sidewalk chalker keep you entertained. Stay later and enjoy the after party with Matt as the DJ!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My peeps in the hood :)

If you didn't know it before, you know it now- I am Portuguese. First generation born in the US. I grew up in NJ in a very very very Portuguese neighborhood where the food shopping and eating out was very authentic. For 25 years i took for granted all the fresh and delicious homemade offerings at my fingertips! Moving to NY, even though it is only an hour away- left me craving mom's cuisine. Yes there are tons of Brazilian restaurants around but as good as they are, that's not the real deal. Well my friends, that's all changed now. Arcos (33-05 Broadway) has opened! There had been some chatter of a new place opening and that would be a Portuguese restaurant. After stopping over there to verify this, I saw it with my own eyes! That was 2 weeks ago. This past Sunday April 1, they opened for business. Last night on my way home i decided to stop in and check it out. Chef/Owner Joe came out of the kitchen to talk shop a little. Oh how happy was I to be able to talk food in Portuguese! Half the time I don't know what the English translation of most of the dishes are anyway, so it was a lot easier to gush about them all in the original language.

I don't have a whole lot to say yet, i plan on really scrutinizing the menu and tasting more then any girl watching her figure should, but i couldn't leave without getting one of my favorite dishes to go- Carne de Porco a Alentejana. It's little pork cubes and potatoes and clams (and sometimes shrimp and chorico too) in a zesty/garlicky brown sauce served with rice and a squeeze of lemon. It was quite tasty indeed, but since i had a very specific quality in mind, i don't think it quite hit the 5 star mark i was hoping for. It should have come with some bread and a wedge of lemon for sure, you can't eat Portuguese without bread! And the side of mashed potatoes-although good, were redundant with the lightly fried potatoes in the dish proper. I loved the rice! oh how i loved it. It was perfect!!! The clams were yumm too (if a bit large). Lastly, the pork pieces tasted great but i think they should have been smaller. All the parts of the dish should be uniformly about 1 inch square (imo). All in all, for $11 it was a great dinner. More then enough to share too. Not enough for 2 meals, but definitely a good shareable dish.

They don't offer delivery yet, but you can call ahead for carry out. I had a menu but darn it if i didn't forget it there! It was much smaller then the huge selection for dining in, but it had a wide variety of offerings for sure. Liquor- not yet, another new place that has to wait forever and a day for their license! Good news is that most Portuguese wines fall way under the $10 mark for decent dinner pairings and more and more local stores are carrying them. Bring a couple!

So yeah, i am extremely happy about Arcos in Astoria. Already planning a big party with my closest 20 friends to really test out their menu. If you've never had Portuguese, please go and enjoy. Some of it may not be pretty (we've been known to leave a head on once or twice) but you can be sure that its made with love and will warm your heart.

I promise you more pictures, price points and my honest pros and cons for sure.

Arcos Churasqueira
33-05 Broadway, Astoria

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Noshwalk this month

Saturday April 28th, join in on the eating fun with Noshwalks. Foodies galore trek around the neighborhood and visit several of Astoria's many cultural markets and restaurants. They've come to the area before, so if you missed it last year- here's another chance. They are meeting at 2:30 @ El Sitio de Astoria (35-55 31st St.) Most walks go about 2.5-3 hours so wear your comfy feet! I think they usually charge around $33 including all the nibbling, but check with the site and register there. I don't see why this wouldn't wouldn't be awesome, Astoria Rocks!