Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kabob Cafe Enlightenment

Wowsers, was i overwhelmed by how much i loved Kabob and Ali!?!?!?!
Meg and I finally got to meet our 3rd "joey" Tamara and she was awesome. Her and Ali go way back so we all sat around just stuffing our faces with pretty much whatever he threw in front of us and chit chatted for a couple of hours. What a great place. After a million plates of goodness, Meg and i trekked out to Lazizza (sp?) for some middle eastern sweets. Tamara had to head home to get set to leave today for California to visit her friend Zora-also another Astorian, who is recovering from a bigtime operation.
On our way back from getting sweets we ran into Mr. Happy Ali who promptly escorted us into Mombar (another place i've been wanting to go try). There he walked us through the museum of all handmade and interesting tables, tapestries and tiling. I think it's his brothers place? And his dad was there too. What nice folks. Then we tried to go on our merry way again only to stop in at Sabry's Seafood for a menu (cause again, i want to try them) and were offered some fresh warm bread to take with us! How funny!!! So thank yous were said and then time for home. All in all, i have to say that this little corner of Astoria is chock full of great food and sweet people. And now for the pics of the food... in no particular order or anything-just GOOOOOOD!

Vegetarian Combo thingie (hummus, falafel, babganoush and more)

Fava bean puree with caramelized kinda fried onions and olive oil

Kofta-beef meatballs with potatoes and a poached egg in light tomato sauce

Duck with a honey glaze and rice and veggies


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Anonymous said...

kabab café is one of our absolute faves in astoria. and yes, try mombar too (one of their tajines will do). as for sabry's, their best offer is fresh charbroiled fish (you can pick your own from the front - yum yum). go on like this, gals!

PCM said...

If anything will get Zora back to Astoria in good health, it will be Ali and his wonderful food! She'll get better soon. I promise. --love, Zora's man

megc said...

photis, I totally believe you. Ali, that wonderful man! His food was just amazing. I want to eat there more often. Even though I've not met you or Zora, I've been keeping a good thought for you both during her recovery. Having met Tamara, I know Zora is in good recovery hands. Perhaps we will all share a meal together after your future happy homecoming to Astoria!

Anonymous said...

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