Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sunlight of Life

Sunlight of Life
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I walk down Astoria Blvd often, coming home from my way off the subway station. At the corner of Astoria Blvd. and 35th Street is a wall with these bas relief concrete sculptures on it. I think they are very interesting and beautiful. There are more pictures, here.


Unknown said...

I never saw those! I think I like the lion one the best. He's like Aslan!

megc said...

Yeah, the lion *is* like Aslan! I love that the earth is at his feet. These bas relief sculptures are super cool! A little bit of "hidden" Astoria.

Anonymous said...

The Joey In Astoria blog and your 28 Hot Things To Do In Astoria list got mentioned on this week's ThisShowAgain.com

Unknown said...

yee haw! i'll have to go take a listen