Monday, January 23, 2006

That Sweet, Sweet Siren Song

of Sugar. Oh how hard you are to resist! Homer couldn't resist that sweet, sweet waffle on the ceiling. Sacrilicious.

I've gotten better at managing my sugar cravings, despite my seemingly never-ending sweet tooth. However, some of us are still having a hard time with the sugar. If you are mystified by your sugar cravings, then tonight's workshop is for you:

Suffering From the Sugar Blues?: Workshop with Holistic Health Counselor

Heather Weisse presents workshop for adults who constantly crave sweets and don't know why. Learn how sugar affects our bodies and minds. Find out how you can gain control without depriving yourself of the foods you love to eat.

Astoria Branch of the Queens Public Library
14-01 Astoria Boulevard
718 278 2220


Anonymous said...

I went to the San Antonio Bakery finally this weekend. And it is good. Hotdogs shouldn't be that good.

Unknown said...

hahaha, agreed!

megc said...

Yay Mike! Good for you. Now you have been to the hot dog promised land.

Anonymous said...

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