Friday, July 14, 2006

Astorian Weekend Edition 14.07.06

Friday from 7-9:00pm get down with some Jazz & Salsa out at Gantry Plaza State Park. A free concert in the nice outdoors is just what you need to get the weekend started.

On your way home from the salsa going on at Gantry Park, hit the El Rey Del Taco truck and sleep with a happy full belly! I will never NOT try Mexican.
I have been seeing this truck on 30th Ave. & 33rd St. at night on my way home. Like the good foodie that i am i did what had to be done... ordered up some dinner for myself and the lucky man at home! I had a torta al pastor (spicy pork) and he had a burrito de carne assada (grilled beef). The burrito was very nice but the torta because of the delicious pork rocked my world! They've got a small menu of dinners but about a dozen fillling options, so i'm going to assume that most everyone should be able to walk away with something to their liking. They are there most nights from 7 pm to 3 am and sometimes 4 am, awesome late night eats!!! get the el pastor... you heard it here...

Saturday from 11:30pm-1am, stop in at the Irish Rover (28th Ave & 38th St) to meet the lovely Miller Models and get $3 Miller Drafts. I tell ya, there is always something going on at the Rover...and never forget their 2 drinks on you, one drink on us deal!

Sunday come one come all, get your fair fix in! Join in with the Friends of Community Board 1 and shop and eat on 30th Avenue between 29th & 42nd Streets.

Pass by the Quinn Building on Saturdays from noon to 4pm, there is a fun display of images of "pleasure" over 50 years old. Laughter, Lager and Leisure

Since its summer and the kids are all home from school, they've got activities going on at Athens Square Park (30th Ave. & 29th Street) Tuesdays @ 10:30 AM. This week (July 18) the fun is all in the balloons with Allynn Gooen-Goowin's Balloowins.

Its a few days away but start your engine and get your blankets ready for movie night at Socrates Sculpture Park! This weds the 19th i'll be there to watch the Motorcycle Diaries. They have food available usually in the theme of the movie, so lets hope for some yummy South American cuisine.

And just because... buy some cool summer gear and work the "Astoria" chic, from The Greater Astoria Historical Society.


Anonymous said...

RE: Irish Rover 2 drinks on you, one drink on us deal!


Anonymous said...

RE: El Rey Del Taco

Thanks for mentioning it. I tried the torta (yum) and a quesadilla con chorizo (also yum). What's nice are the really fresh ingredients.

Anonymous said...

the truck hasnt been there for awhile... i wonder if it's because of the blackout.
i miss it!

Anonymous said...

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