Friday, July 07, 2006

My Ironic Post Office Experience

I posted this over on my blog, but thought it was worthy for this blog as well, it being an Astoria experience:

Today I had to send a pile of documents to [un-named government department], and that involved standing in the l-o-o-o-n-g line at the Post Office ("Woolsey Station"). My mind was more on going over my documents rather than being annoyed by the line (well, I was a baby bit annoyed - it's the Post Office!). However, one cranky lady was NOT happy with the way the line was moving, and took it upon herself to let us all know, by screaming "OPEN ANOTHER WINDOW!!!" A little bit of time went on, and she repeated her screeching, "OPEN ANOTHER WINDOW!!!" Shortly after that, they opened another window! Surprise. She was the next person in line and when the bell went "ding" to notify the new open window she walked over and immediately said "This is terrible! All these people in line...!"

And then proceeded to ask, sweetly, "Do you have the LOVE stamps?"

Gave me a good chuckle.


Anonymous said...

Every time I'm at that post office, I heard someone scream that same thing. The line is always long, and I hate that the express machine hardly ever works. Everyone's always grumpy. Sometimes I've waited on line a whole half hour only to find out they don't have the envelopes I need to send it in, or for heaven's sake, stamps! I used that po many a time for sending out reels, now I go into Manhattan when I can. Such a headache for such a simple thing. Apparently they expanded and added new windows at Woolsey a few yrs back, but they never have more than 2 tellers. Why expand then? Oy.

Unknown said...

The only thing worse than the Astoria post offices is the guaranteed wackos who are inevitably there.

Anonymous said...

That is so brilliant. What a great story! And you saw it all in person. I feel so jealous! :)

Anonymous said...

It isn't any better at the Broadway station (Broadway & 21st Street). The lines are immense, especially on Saturdays, and they never have more than 2 windows open at a time.

Anonymous said...

As someone who used that post office for years I am totally flabbergasted that her screeching actually resulted in another window being opened. I have a million stories to tell there, but I have seen a line of 80 people forced to wait one hour because one person was trying to mail a gigantic box overseas and for some reason this was taking a literal hour. There was only one other window open which was jammed up too. They never open an extra window. I talked to the manager at the time who said they didnt have the budget, he has since left to open his own deli, I don't know who the manager is now. But I actually applaud that screeching lady for getting results.

Anonymous said...

i don't know how the postal service remains in business, what with their horrible service and not so great pricing. honestly, outside of paying my bills, i can't see the sense. even that can be done online mostly.

Anonymous said...

SOOO reconizable!

We live in quiet western Mass now, and boy, was a happy the first time i went to the post office here. A friendly guy, just a counter, no window, and FAST service!
I do Ebay a lot and always dreaded going to "woolsey". Sometimes the line would go out the door!
And then another horror, picking up packages that you missed the delivery of.. I'd even "missed" deliveries while I was home, just because the particulair mailperson was too lazy to ring the bell..argghh..all the old stress comes back up. Good luck with the power outage Astorians!