Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The loneliest bookstore

So yeah there's been alot of talk of wanting to get some decent book selections in the hood. Nothing has come out of it though. No new bookstores.... at all. The dream isn't dead yet, but i figure in the meantime-maybe we could still give our one and only store another go? If you're like me and haven't even gone in yet, this might be the excuse to check it out. Tomorrow night, Thurs. Sept 21st @ 7pm, Seaburn Books will be hosting a book signing party for Patricia Carragon’s first book, ”Journey to the Center of My Mind,” a Rogue Scholars Press release. It's free and who knows, you may just happen upon a random good read as you peruse the digs.

Seaburn Books
33 - 18 Broadway
718 - 267 - 7929

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