Friday, November 17, 2006

Astorian Weekend Edition 17.11.06

If you're still looking for decent sushi in Astoria, Friday after work march on over to Ginza (31-31 Steinway Street). Some call it a hibachi joint- which they do have, but i can tell you, it really is a full on sushi supplier! I was very very satisfied with the $16.99 all you can eat. Soda, soup, salad, apps and a pretty decent selection of sushi and rolls. 4 people=$80 -keep it coming!!!!

Celebrate Ethel Merman and other musical and classical works this Saturday when Genesis Repertory goes off-off Broadway to the Advance Island City Mispah Lodge (21-14 30th Ave) at 8 p.m. Entertainment and refreshments all yours for $20. (646-226-0370).

No cooking for you this weekend? Apparently there is competition for my sandwich guys, Sal Chris & Charlie! On the other side of town we've got Sorisso's (30th Ave. between 44th and 45th Sts.) They get my thumbs up just for the name (smiles in italian!)!There are claims they have the best fresh mozarella, best sandwiches, great sausages, & delish homemade sauce. Time to go pay them a visit and put the grub to the test.

Ok, its not the weekend, but on Monday at 4:30pm at the Intersection of Steinway & Broadway
go welcome Santa to Astoria with the Tree Lighting Ceremony!!!!! Kids visit Santa and receive a free book. This will also be the big green flag for you late night shoppers, most of the area stores start extending their hours through Christmas.

Now go home and start preparing for Thanks-for-giving-us-a-day-off!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm All-I-Can-Shove-In-My-Face-SUSHI! It was great, really. It hit the spot, both physically and emotionally. The dining room was nice and spacious, too. Next time: the bamboo BOAT?!

Anonymous said...

Checkin it out tonight!