Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So I Heard...

Apparently, Agnanti's original owners have left their restaurant to their daughter. Has anyone noticed a difference in the food/service?

Crescent and Vine, a new wine and beer place, is slated to open in a month in the Ditmars neighborhood. This is very exciting!

French restaurant Le Sans Souci lost their chef and closed down. He opened a new place in Port Washington, out on Long Island, called Bistro du Village.

Wassi Coffeehouse over on 28th Ave has been closed a lot recently. Not sure what's up. Any ideas? Brazilianaki on Ditmars shut down, too (I saw the empty storefront a few days ago). I guess boutiques are hard to keep going in this town.

Perhaps the saddest news of all, Ubol's Kitchen is no longer Ubol's Kitchen (thai on Steinway). The place has changed owners, name, and the food. Apparently, it is nothing like what it used to be.


Unknown said...

oh sadness :(
i just wish i had had the chance to try Le Sans Souci before they closed.

Annie said...

And now, NO MORE UBOL'S?! Sad sad day. Thank you Meg for breaking the news gently, as I would have cried if I went there and had no idea that it had randomly morphed into Another Mediocre Thai Place. *sigh*

Acacia said...

No good! I love le Sans Souci. Any word if they'll reopen?