Monday, October 22, 2007

Athens Tavern (was Anna's Corner)

Well, this place has gotten a bunch of press lately! No longer Anna's Corner, it's become a fancy-schmancy place, with what sounds like amazing haute Greek cuisine. My friend Debbie went to Athens Tavern for a tasting and here's what she said:

This is definitely not the norm. It is quite high end, with a Chef brought in from Athens. We tasted a number of items; they were all eclectic and delectable. It is not cheap, but for a special occasion, I would recommend this. Some of the items on their menu include:
  • Stuffed onion pearls with octopus in mavrodafni reduction
  • Grilled grouper fillet with basil sauce, served with black eye bean salad
  • Roasted beef marinated with herbs & orange, served with mushroom mashed potatoes
  • Rabbit with bergamot and mashed sweet potatoes
  • Grilled dry aged black Angus steak with orzo pasta and mushrooms
It is wonderful for a special occasion. I believe that dinner for two, with a drink would run you between $75 to $95, depending on what you have.

The only other high end restaurants that would compare are Christos and Piccola Venezia. I don't know of any others of that caliber in Astoria.

Sounds good to me! The other night I walked by and the place was really hopping, filled with people wearing nice suits and fancy dresses, enjoying all sorts of interesting looking dishes.

The Daily News and the NY Times have also written up this place. I think it will definitely be worth a visit.


Doug W. said...

Hi Joey---

I have a friend who is visting from Greece and I wanted to take her to a small, family oriented, really a family owned Greek restaurant in Astoria. Not to fancy but nice. Any suggestions?


Doug W.

Anonymous said...

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