Thursday, December 13, 2007

Carnitas Taco

Carnitas Taco
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We interrupt the regularly scheduled weekend blog to give you the heads up on some good tacos :)

Meg was kind enough to swing by my place this weekend with some Al Pastor tacos in hand from the relatively new La Flor de Puebla. Well- they were so darned good (and spicy!) that i thought i'd go in myself and investigate the goods.
Went in yesterday and was pleasantly greeted by 5 year old Stephanie- the owners daughter and after i put in my order for 3 carnitas tacos and 3 cheese & chicken taquitos, we sat and chit-chatted about Bratz and Christmas balls for about 10 minutes while they cooked up my meal fresh!
Got some queso crema and green sauce on the side and $8.50 later, was home chowing down on some damn fine food. I'd put these tacos on par with the taco truck maybe even, hahaha!
The taquitos were a bit dry for my taste, but the cheese ones were pretty tastey.
Go check em out on the weekends and they have tamales- i'm planning on it this Saturday.

La Flor de Puebla
Astoria Blvd bet Steinway and 38th St


deny said...

anyone know whats up with oleput? I saw the sign weeks ago saying renovations, that they were getting food & wine, now it looks cleared out, erlack???

megc said...

My understanding is that Oleput is renovating because they got their liquor license. I'll have to go over and peek in.

But yeah, those al pastor tacos were nice and spicy! I definitely want to try some other things. And they are so nice and close! Glad to hear the positive review.

Eusie said...

Which side of Astora Blvd.? N or S?

dalty52 said...

South side.

Judson said...

cannot. get. enough. tacos.

how were the hot tamales?

NativeNYer said...

been here 4 times in two weeks. one word -YUMMY! it's a great plus that we live a whole block and a half from here as well. It's a great alternate-too-lazy-to-cook-lets-get-the-cheap-food type of place. For example: 2 tacos, 2 tamales 2 guava drinks= 9 bucks. You really can't go wrong. Be warned though, their green sauce is HOT.

megc said...

I ate here today and the tacos were even better than I remembered! So glad this place is so close - super yum! Love that green sauce, too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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althea said...

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