Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time Cafe

This morning I went to Time Cafe for brunch - and it was great! $12 gets you a drink (mimosa, bloody mary, or juice), coffee/tea, mini muffins, and a main. I thought it was a pretty good deal, as everything was delicious. Plus, great service! They are really nice people there.

I was very happy with my mushroom, pepper, and fontina fritatta and my dining companion was pleased with his burger. The coffee was fine, slightly better than average NYC coffee. I loved that they served fries with breakfast. Oh and the mimosa was terrific! So was the pineapple juice.

The space was lovely, with comfortable chairs, interesting colored walls, and plenty of books to read. They have free wifi, too. And there was a nice jazz trio playing in the corner.

I'd totally go back for brunch, and would like to check out their other offerings. Highly recommended. It's a definite must try!

I took a few shots, too!

Time Cafe


Toward the Back

Frittata and Fries

Fritatta Detail


Time Cafe
44-18 Broadway in Astoria


Fooditka said...

Thanks for tip Meg. I plan to try this place very soon. I actually called today to see if they would serve brunch on MLK Monday. They said that they don't but if I request it now, they could put something "brunchie" together for us. I thought that was so nice!

thwany said...

oooh, this place looks great.

Unknown said...

Overrated, definetly not worth the price (and it's not that expensive so that should tell you something). Indifferent service, mediocre food i.e. very fancy name for lazily prepared french fries and sausage links.

Unknown said...

I looooove this place, such a nice, quite and friendly place to have brunch after crazy Friday or Saturday night :-)... Even though, service is lil' bit slow, I guess those guys had have crazy night too... because I heard they have parties on Fri's & Sat's... but they are so kind and sweet, that u can't get mad on 'em :)...Also there is a Karaoke night every second Thursday... will check this out and will let u know ;) I rate this place with 5 stars... so far ;)