Friday, July 18, 2008

A Project Runway-er from Astoria

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Having things to watch, like quality reality TV (ehem) makes the summer that much more enjoyable. One of those shows happens to be my favorite Bravo series, Project Runway. Now in it's 5th season, the show seems to be coming back to full circle, starting off with the very first food challenge from Season 1. Running out of ideas Heidi? Nevertheless, there is something interesting that's keeping us watching. A fellow Joey reader, Joe sent us an email today about one of Runway's contestants, Stella Zotis. She's a goth, rocker chick who almost got eliminated in the first episode. And..she's an Astorian! Check out her bio below and make sure you tune-in to see how she does in the next episode.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Joe!

STELLA ZOTIS, 42, Astoria
Fashion credentials: Self-taught, former punk-rock makeup artist; makes custom leather and denim pieces for rock stars.
New York fashion inspiration: "I'm inspired by the New York rock scene, especially at places like CBGB, where I went to my first matinee in 1982, and L'Amours East in Forest Hills, where I went to see the Ramones."
Celebrity you would most like to dress: "I'd love to make a pair of pants for Keith Richards."

Bio by the New York Daily News


amy said...

Ugh. Unless she becomes drastically better in future episodes, I'm kind of disappointed that Stella is our claim to fame. Her dress this week was uninspired and frankly, I'm surprised she didn't get "auf-ed"

Hope E. Ewing said...

This is almost as exciting as finding out Jillian from last season lives in LIC. But I loved Jillian. Stella's going to have to show some more versitility if she's going to win our fashion affections, even if we do share a name...