Tuesday, August 26, 2008

El Jamon extras...

My meal partner had some other notable bites that I wanted to share as well :)

Montados de queso e chorizo (serrano ham, chorizo, salchichon, cabrales and manchego cheese). Worth the $15 I think. That crumbly blue cabrales cheese is what was melted over my steak. It's very strong when eaten this way, but tuck it into some bread and enjoy a glass of the house red and you're good to go.

Pargo con Salsa Verde (grilled filet of red snapper with green sauce & grilled vegetables) perfectly matched to the $12 price tag. I have nothing at all negative to say about any of the dishes, all were winners :)


Here's the regular menu if you want to take a gander and order some for delivery (you'll have to stop in for the lunch specials)

And no, I have no affiliation with this place- I just have a thing for the under dog and think they are really good. Astoria needs to know!


Buzz said...

Does anyone know what's going on along 23rd Avenue on Bangkok Tasty's block? It's been closed for a while now, as have the other establishments.

megc said...

I believe Bangkok Tasty is expanding to the long-vacated storefront to its west. Stamatis moved across the street and their place is vacant as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad reading your entire post thanks dude.

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