Friday, December 19, 2008

Cookbook Giveaway - We have 2 Winners!

Last week, we announced a cookbook giveaway, compliments of the Queens Museum of Art. The cookbook called, "A Healthy Taste of Corona" features 150 pages of healthy recipes, written by local neighborhood officials, community leaders and restaurateurs.

Many of you wrote in to tell us about your favorite healthy dish and why you love it. There were some fabulous responses and we thank you for those.

So...without further ado, we'll announce not one but two winners!

Jen Rock, a fan of lentils - It's amazing how diverse one staple food can be, especially when you examine an array of cultures and their techniques for cooking them. This month I'm hooked on preparing [lentils] Ethiopian style. Last month, it was lentil soup with smoked ham hocks. Next month, who knows!


Helen, who loves soups - You can throw in your favorite meats and veggies and still have a healthy meal.

Congratulations to our winners! Please email us your home addresses and we'll send the cookbooks your way. Contact -

Thanks to everyone for submitting your entries. And even if you haven't won, contact the Queens Museum of Art for more details on how to purchase this book.

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