Thursday, January 08, 2009

Astorian Weekend Edition 8.1.09

Warm up with a Flamenco performance on Friday at 8:30pm (there is a second performance at 10:30 as well). Watch the American Bolero Dance Company while nibbling on some tapas for the $20 cover. It's at the Auditorium Centro Espanol (41-01 Broadway) but you'll have to give them a call for reservations: 718-392-8888.

There's been alot of talk of a new beer haven in the are, the jig is up. After hosting a New Year's party, looks like Wunderbar (37-10 11th St) is finally having its grand opening this Friday the
9th. This is a good thing during the recession! Open bar from 6 to 8 p.m. along with a yummy buffet. Enjoy some authentic German tunes from a live band the whole while, too!

Who says bigger is better? Not me. My European roots have taught me well that a good espresso can go a long way. Rio's Mania (37-05 28th Ave) makes a fine $1.50 caffeine boost. They are in the old Tell Astorya spot and bring a little tropical warmth at an affordable price. Oh, and if you want a little extra pep in your step, get their acai bowl for $6 and be prepared to share with a friend; it's huge!

On a budget? Cold winter Saturdays bring us the awesomely delicious smoked tomato and parmesan bisque from Il Bambino (34-08 31st Ave). For $5 you get a heck of a bowl full and a crostini slathered in pesto. There are a lot of yums on the menu. So it may be hard, but it really IS possible to eat frugally.

On Sunday while I'm grubbing at my first Sunday Night Dinner party, why not go out and do some fun food shopping? I don't get a
chance to head over to Bravo (34-12 34th Ave) often enough, but it's got such a great variety of stuff. I'm sure you can cook up something exotic and delicious, too.


Emily Gigs said...

I've walked by Rio's Mania several times recently--on 28th Ave. and 37th St., by the way, not 28th st.--ironically, in search of coffee elsewhere. Maybe this weekend I'll actually stop in. Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

oooh Emily, thanks for catching that! it is indeed on 28th AVE :)
and totally go in, its very warm and welcoming and the guys are super nice