Tuesday, February 24, 2009

30th Ave Taco Truck To Have Additional Digs

El Rey del Taco
Just read on astorians about the new restaurant opening soon by the same people that run the fabulous El Rey del Taco truck on 30th Ave. The exchange:

Question: While walking to the Steinway R/V station I saw a new awning across the street (A few storefronts down from that "El Mundo Discount" store, just north of the Thai take-out.). It read "Azteca Pride/El Rey del Taco." Can anyone confirm or deny that that's the taco truck people? (I mean the one in front of Rite Aid.)

Answer: Went to taco truck tonight and asked about this, they are going to have the restaurant and still have the truck.

Hot dog, this is great news! The taco truck is well loved in Astoria and they do make some of the best Mexican food in town. Here's hoping the restaurant will put out food of equal quality. Yum potential is high.

Photo credit: (cc) Meg Cotner


J├╝rgen said...

That's fantastic news! Thx.

inflammatory writ said...

That is the best news I've heard all week!

Unknown said...

I did a profile of the owner of the truck and how he worked up to a restuarant. look for it in Queens Tribune currently in the boxes. It'll be in the local Astoria section, so pick it up there.

Anonymous said...

I want to drop buy for some taco :)

Laby[grey suit]