Saturday, February 28, 2009

Psychic Burger Experience

Sparrow BurgerThis afternoon my guy and I had an early dinner at Sparrow, which has always provided great food and cozy atmosphere. We've written about them here many times, as we're all big fans, especially of their burger.

Today the burger exceeded any and all of my expectations. It was as if the cook had read my mind and provided me with exactly what my burger-heart desired - perfectly cooked meat, gruyere melting excellently, with the exact right amount of onion on top. The bun, baked by Pain D'Avingon, rounded it all out. Fries were delicious, too. It was a burger experience par excellence. I maintain the Sparrow makes the best burger in Astoria.

For dessert, we tried a new (to us) dessert, something called a "Chocolate Marquise", which was a lovely, rich chocolate item. Light thin slices of chocolate cake in between thicker slices or chocolate mousse, with fresh whipped cream and a balsamic maple reduction on the side. Certainly enough for two people, and perhaps even four if you just want a little bit of sweet to round out the evening.

I also tried the Old Brown Dog Ale from Smuttynose brewery (they are located in New Hampshire). Wonderful, slightly sweeter than Newcastle Brown Ale. I'd drink it again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended. Actually, everything I ate is highly recommended.

Photo credit: (cc) Meg Cotner


Fooditka said...

Wow that sounds great. I haven't been there since Chef Reyes left but it looks like they are in good hands.

Brian Jones said...

Best burger, those are some serious words.

Serious enough that I might just stop walking BY Sparrow and actually stop in and get some grub.


megc said...

Brian, you should check it out for sure. Since they use organic ingredients as much as possible, good chance the meat is grass-fed. It also tastes grass-fed to me, which is my preference. It tastes, for use of a better phrase, more beefy than corn-fed beef. I'll also check out your blog, man!

Judith, the burger I had was very much reminiscent of the burgers Chef Reyes prepared. So delicious! i also like how they've expanded the dessert offerings. I look forward to my next meal there.