Friday, May 29, 2009

New Yoga Studio in Astoria

So, I've been for the past few weeks taking a yoga class at my gym, The Rock. There, I worked with a teacher, Ann-Margaret, who is wonderful! Turns out, though, that she's leaving The Rock (*cries*) and moving on... to her own studio (*cheers*)

Awesome - I'm so happy for her! Sad for me that she's leaving the gym, but her dream is being fulfilled so I'm really pleased. Anyway, her new studio is opening this weekend with a two day open house. This includes $5 classes each day and $5 20 minute massages, yum. She hopes for the studio to become more than a place to practice yoga, but a community center, which sounds good to me.

Definitely check it out - she's wonderful and deserves lots of success. Click on the image below for more info.

The Giving Tree Yoga Studio
22-56 31st Street

(psst... also check out Surf Astoria next door... continuing the legacy of Freeze Peach... more on that later, too.)


Sheila Joon said...

Ann-Margaret is an amazing teacher, and I was devastated to find out last Sunday that she left the rock, but thrilled that she opened her own practice! Of many many teachers I've practiced with she's definitely one of my very favorites. A gem that one!

Anonymous said...

Is that free?

Laby[big and tall suit]