Thursday, June 25, 2009

Street Fair This Weekend

This weekend is what I think is one of the best street fairs in Astoria - the St. Antonio Abate Society of Castrofilippo Festival. It actually started on June 24th but goes until Sunday the 28th. It's on Ditmars Boulevard between 35th & 38th Streets, and will have all the guilty tasty things like zeppoles and fried oreos, not to mention sausage and peppers. If memory serves me correctly, this street fair has carnival-type games as well.

There are posters in the windows of many of the businesses that line Ditmars,which have the details. Enjoy!


Julia & Henry said...


We had a very negative experience at the street fair that you should know about the next time it comes around. One of the game booth vendors which featured a dart game coame over to us, pressed darts into our hands and claimed that the first round was on him. As it turns out, he said later that the darts weren't free and charged me $15, pointing to the sign that said "no game is free." He clearly misled us and was nasty when we objected. I also plan to report this to the charity involved. Thanks for allowing others to be warned.

megc said...

Wow, that is a terrible thing to have happened! I'm so sorry you had that experience. Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience.

Chris said...

Hi all,

Just to be clear -- the St.Antonio Abate festival is NOT a fundraiser for a charity - they make it look that way because they have a statue of the saint there. The money goes to an Italian mens' club that has no religious or charitable affiliation.

In addition, for people who live within earshot, they are SUPPOSED to shut off the amplified music at 9:00 every night by law, but they don't -- they usually let it go past midnight -- not so nice for those living along Ditmars. If you hear bands and amplifies after 9:00, PLEASE call 311 to complain. Otherwise we'll never get them to comply with the city's noise ordinance.

And if you have kids, think twice about the kiddie rides; I've watched these guys assemble these things, and it's pretty slap-dash and scary.

Anonymous said...

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