Thursday, November 19, 2009

Astoria's Famous Bulldogs

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Reading this sweet story in the New York Times, passed along to me by the Jumping Bulldog's owner, Tanja Firrigno warmed my heart.  Featured in last weekend's NY Times, this cheery and touching feature explores a community of French Bulldogs that are the latest trend in Astoria.  The story goes into some detail about the unique nuances of this breed and even sheds light on specific doggies and their families.  This line especially made me smile: Jack (the bulldog) looked up at her and smiled like a clown. On command, he gave Mr. Herman a high-five with his petite paw, and they continued down the street.

Enjoy the article and please pass on to others with pets.


Domestically Disabled said...

I love walking around Astoria and seeing all the French Bulldogs. They are always so happy looking! Unfortunately, my apartment doesn't allow dogs, but one day I'll adopt one...and then I'll probably be at the Jumping Bulldog all the time!

Fooditka said...

I love that place - it has a great vibe. Tanja is the best :)

el Luke said...

Jack does love to give high-fives