Monday, January 25, 2010

So I've heard...

KrisTEES was recognized on stage by Mayor Bloomberg in his State of the City speech last week (video). Congrats to Kristie Foster and her lovely boutique on 23rd Ave.

The new Lebanese place on 31st Street is gaining quite a following after only being open a short time. Haddad's is serving tasty food at great prices. From one Astorian, "Apparently the place was packed, and there was a bit of a line out the door."

Rèst Âü Ránt finally has a new website:

Il Bambino is now serving brunch, with new menu items, including about 12 new panini, most containing egg. They've also put together some new cheese plates, sourced from Murray's. Come by for a taste of some rare and amazing cheeses from around the world, and some interesting new sandwiches.

After my two most recent meals at Sweet Afton, I can say without a doubt, that their burger is the best in Astoria, having surpassed my previous favorite from Sparrow. As you know, too, Sweet Afton is serving brunch, and the burger is served with an egg, which is totally yummy. More about that later.

According to their newsletter, Winegasm is putting together Wine and Chess gatherings on Saturdays from 12-4pm. Coffee and free pastries apparently are in the mix.

LIC gets screwed by the MTA. In MTAspeak:
"No 7 trains between Times Sq and Queensboro Plaza. The N, Q, S and free shuttle buses provide alternate service. Weekends, 11:30 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Jan 29 - Feb 1."
Actually, reports say that service will be suspended on 10 weekends, total, so that's a PITA for 7 train riders until the first weekend in April.  If you can get yourself to LIC by other ways, I salute you.  The businesses there will need our support during this strange time.

Unfamiliar and mysterious fast food is coming to Astoria:  Texas-based Wingstop and California-based Submarina California Subs (never heard of them, says this native Californian) will be here soon.

Vesta is holding a Super Bowl Sunday event! YUM. Judith posts over on The Foodista: "They're having a celebration in honor of the big game, including a special "gametime menu," raffles and opportunities to win prizes including Vesta, Sweet Afton, Locale and Hell Gate Social gift certificates, as well as a dinner with me, your Foodista."

These bunny pillows over on SITE are the cutest!!

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