Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reader Tip: Sabor Andino

Reader Tip on new AmeriMex resto:
A new restaurant opened up called Sabor Andino, it has an American/Mexican cuisine. The food is absolutely delicious and so reasonably priced! After eating, I spoke with the owner Angel, he has worked at many top notch restaurants in the city and has now decided to open his own place. His experience and skill can't be denied. I've tried a number of dishes there and they are all great (try the seafood combo if you like seafood, you will not be disappointed). It would be great if you could review this restaurant and feature it on the site to help give this worthy restaurant business.
Thanks, Garry!


pooky said...

What's the address?

Unknown said...

Seafood heavy place called Sabor Andino? Are we sure it's not Peruvian?

Unknown said...

Address is just below the post.

As for the ethnicity, IDK - pls let us know if you find out we've got it wrong.

Anonymous said...
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