Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Biking Queensboro Bridge & Queens Plaza

I used to bike the Queensboro bridge 2x a day to and from work. It's a bitch, but totally worth it. I watched the rebirth of the MetLife building and the new ball field on Roosevelt Island. I also rode straight through the filming of two Spiderman scenes and I think I've made friends with a few of the East River's resident cormorants.

Apparently the Federal government wants in on the action. Watch out grimy traffic tangle of Queens...

Cash comes to QNS Plaza

It occured to me that you might not know how to get to the bike path on the bridge. It can be tricky. Well, you're in luck. The New York City Department of City Planning makes these awesome bike maps of the City. You can get one for free by calling 311 or click here.



Unknown said...

Yep - Maybe 30-40 minutes. I went to the bridge, across 60th to the park, and diagonal up the park to the museum.

Anonymous said...

How many miles to get from Astoria?

Laby[big & tall suits]