Friday, April 29, 2005

Your Weekend Plan

The weekend's coming. You know it, I know it, the calendar knows it. But you're like...oh, man, another weekend of bad weather, but I want to have fun! Chill Bill, I've got it under control.

Here's my suggestion to you:

Friday night: Stop into Broadway Wines & Liquors and taste some nice booze. Pick up a few bottles to repeat at home tommorrow. Then catch your pals tonight at Fatty's.

Saturday: Yikes. Get to LoveDay 31 when it's not raining. You will look so pretty in that rowdy skirt and girly tunic thing. Find some din at JJ's and then dart home. Whip out that booze you bought yesterday and drink 'em up with your most recent Netflix. Rock out at home while all the fashionistas are out getting rained on in their hand-beaded elf shoes. Sucks to be them.

Sunday: Take a walk to Hallet's Cove. You know you're dyeing to. Come *on*! Then sit on your stoop with that last glass of vino and a magazine and try to block out the upcoming Monday.

Have fun!

- Joey