Friday, April 29, 2005

JJ's Fusion Sushi

JJs Sushi
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Everyone's always looking for good Japanese food in Astoria, but it's here already!

Run by French Culinary Institute graduate JJ Lin and her husband, this place is attractive and oh so tasty! It's on the lesser-traveled 31st Avenue. It's small and done in dark wooden furniture and wall hangings that are very relaxing. There are always tables available, for now anyway and the service is not rushed at all - you can linger over your tea or sake for as long as you like.

Creative rolls on the menu allow people who don't like different elements of sushi to be happy. It can be very vegan or vegetarian-friendly. Many rolls have interesting fruits and vegetables in them. The menu is huge and allows a lot of room for adventure eating.

The green tea is *really* green and makes me understand what lesser green teas are really trying to taste like. I particularly like the rolls in soy paper and the sashimi. The fish is so fresh and the food are always plated with flair.

Dessert, to an American tongue, can sometimes be disappointing in Asian restaurants, but JJ's banana spring rolls with vanilla ice cream are not to be missed. They are among of my favorite things to eat in Queens.


- Joey