Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Astoria Can Cool You Off

Feeling like you've been been alternating between frigid recirculated air and the hot humid sauna that is New York City all week?

Well, tonight you can cool off naturally along the East River waterfront for Socrates Sculpture Parks's outdoors presentation of Spare Parts or you can enjoy a nice cool Spatan while debating whether or not Bush is a dumbass in the ever-so-lovely beer garden with Drinking Liberally.


mia said...

thanks for the tip about Mundo. It was soooooo good, the guys there so friendly, the food wonderful. It prompted a cd purchase. It is damn'd near cheap. Why were we the only ones there? People. go to Mundo. 32nd street just south of Broadway.

I wish I could make it to a socrates movie. they are so much fun.

Unknown said...

Hi Mia, yeah - it's great. What did you have?

mia said...

uhm... Dakos -the supertart (the best way) salad of greens and veggies and feta and barley rusk. and red sonia which was a lentil felafel-type thing - odd and wonderful and a tad spicy and I love the name. and a meat dumpling which I forget the name of. yogurt was involved. as was some red harissa-esque sauce.
and a sample of the chocolate mousse. mmMmMmm. if I ever get to have dinner not-at-work again - I am headed there first. and then Brick. Because I live 3.2 seconds away and have never eaten there. why? cuz it's right there, that's why.