Friday, July 15, 2005

Weekend Edition 05.07.15

We all know that waterfront times are a-changin'. See how. Let NYC whiz, Jack Eichenbaum, show you Onboard the Left Bank Bus this Saturday.

If you missed Granny's garage sale this year, you've got a second chance. Sal Val's having a special Summer Sale / fundraiser thing. Treats, drinks and "miscellaneous items". Couldn't've said it better myself. It's Saturday on Broadway & 46th Street.

Toss on that new vintage cami and grab the kiddies if you've got 'em. Or drag of friend. This weekend Queensbridge Park is having Children's Fest from 11am - 6pm. It's going to be awesome. Particularly if we can convince my pal to juggle fire. Dude, don't you guys want to see someone juggle fire? You don't go throwing that out at parties if you're not going to walk the walk. Consider it my birthday present, Dude.

Sunday get your fill of fried dough and drunken encounters with the neighbors at the 30th Ave Street Fair. In the PM slaughterhouse chicks represent at the debut of "The Gut Girls" at the Chocolate Factory. Too bad their not slaughtering chocolate.

PS. See Edition.

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