Monday, July 18, 2005

The Best Freaking Birthday Present I Could Ever Ask For

Joe, this was a little extravagant, but hey - I like it! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Now if someone could just magically fix Wang's shoulder...

Leiter gave us a HUGE win the other day, here's hoping he keeps that up. Even so, will it be enough to fill the gaping holes in our pitching lineup? (not to mention the big center field question mark and now Sierra being injured) We shall see... either way, it's gonna be a dramatic season! Go Yanks!


Unknown said...

ugh, Sierra. I know. That hurt, man.

Anonymous said...

At least he came thru with a game-saving hit first... but yeah, that was bad. According to post-game updates though, his leg was all wrapped up but he was walking around... so hopefully that means it's not a season-threatening injury and he could return in 2 weeks. *fingers crossed*

All of that aside, I'm just relishing the fact that in one day we got 1st place back, Boston was bumped to 3rd, AND Johnny Damon's hit streak ended (his streak AND their game ended with his flying out) Woo Hoo! (very small victories, I know, but I'll take 'em!)