Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Head's Up to Pretty-Up the Waterfront

You've got a hankering for sun, green grass, and ice cream. It's summer! You go to Astoria Park, walk down to the rail, wink at the motorcycle dudes and lean into the breeze.

Then you lean over and almost barf after seeing all the crap littering our shoreline. Well, at least now you know where air conditioners, McDonald's soda cups and lotto tickets go to die. If you're a lame jerk who litters. Eeow.

Help Astorians clean it up. We'll be scheming with the New York City Partnership for Parks this Thursday in the lovely Socrates Sculpture Park.


Anonymous said...

If I can't make it to the meeting, is there a way I can be notified of when the clean-up will happen? There have been many days that I've wanted to jump over the railing to do whatever I could to clean up the shoreline of Astoria park.

Unknown said...

you bet. Email info@astoriawaterfront.org for info on the project and keep tabs on the website linked above.