Saturday, July 09, 2005

LIC Greenmarket

Aw yeah - this is what I'm talkin about.


Anonymous said...

Here's what I posted on, slightly edited:

Well, I just came back from the LIC Greenmarket on its first day, and I was pleasantly surprised by the neighborhood, which seems to be part of Hunters Point. I had thought it had nothing but industrial buildings and strip joints. Well it does have industrial buildings, but it also has residential buildings; it's a mixed-use neighborhood. As for the strip joints, they're over by Queens Plaza. It's a gentrifying neighborhood, but it still has the unfinished charm of a place that's only begun to be discovered. From the market you can see the UN building but not the Trump monstrosity. 2 fancy high-rises have gone up near the river, tho.

I didn't see any supermarkets, and as for specialty shops, I saw only one butcher shop and one salumeria. Where do Hunters Pointers get their food, I wonder? Fresh Direct?

As for the market itself, it had some good stuff, more fruit than vegetables. I'd like to go back.

Unknown said...

yeah - I thought it was great. They just need mushrooms and eggs they'll be all set. I'm glad Red Jacket Orchards is there. You won't believe thier apricots come August.

Anonymous said...

I think I've seen Red Jacket apricots before--was it at Union Square on a Wednesday or Friday? In any case, awesome apricots deserve an awesome recipe. I'm already looking for one :)