Monday, August 01, 2005

Astoria Supported Agriculture

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could hook up with a farm that would just bring you a box of their own farm fresh produce each week? Enter Ravenswood CSA.

CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture and it's a program where non-farmers (like us) can pay a fee and then each week for the harvest season, we get a box of the harvest (read: wicked fresh produce) delivered to Astoria. ARROW has one. But the Ravenswood CSA is brand new and looking for members.

Here the deal. Call Cara at (646)284-7762 or check out their site. You can buy a "share" which is to say a weekly delivery of tasty foodies. See pic courtesy of Adam Collett.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this particular blog. I am a member of this CSA and we were almost in danger of losing it because we didn't have enough people in the group.

All we need are a few veggie-lovers who want fresh organic produce. And I must say that the veggies are yummy! And affordable, too ($10/week=5-6lbs veggies).

Again, Joey, thanks a ton for posting this. Hopefully we can get a few good men & women who want an alternative to the Trade Fair selection.

Unknown said...

it is absolutly my pleasure.

beXn said...

Thanks Joey! I belonged to a CSA in college and it was awesome. i'm going to check both of these out.

Unknown said...

Hey Bexn, I saw on your site that you're in Urban Organic. We are too, but I really think Queens gets the short stick with them. We may join one of the CSAs as well.

beXn said...

For real! I've loved some of the Urban Organic produce so much it's changed my life BUT sometimes the shit arrives crushed, mushed, wet and going bad. Not stuff i would ever choose to buy at the supermarket. I think Queens is the last day of the weekly delivery cycle too. That would explain all the "substitutions" we seem to get. Let me know which CSA you choose and how it goes!

Unknown said...

likewise. I think the ravenswood one might be better, but I (you, too, I think) can walk to the ARROW one. But I haven't heard back from them yet. Will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm helping to start the Ravenswood CSA. Thanks so much for mentioning us! Our stuff is very, very fresh and you get to meet lots of great people from your neighborhood.

I wanted to describe the difference between us and ARROW, since we're close together and probably equally accessible to lots of you. We have the same farmer as the ARROW CSA, Bill Halsey, so we’re not in evil competition or anything. Because we're working out of a lower-income neighborhood (Ravenswood Houses), we've worked to make the share a bit more affordable. Affordable is good for everyone! This means that the season is a bit shorter; we started in mid-July and will run until the week of Thanksgiving. Also, it's a bit smaller-- about 5-6 lbs. a week. I find that it's the perfect amount of veggies for my little family of two but would work for three or more as well. The ARROW CSA is bigger, which is good for bigger families and may have more "exotic" stuff. We're still looking for members and I’d love to hear from any of you.

Thanks! Cara (718) 609-1028

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting, Cara. That's good to know!

jayme said...

Hey guys --

A plug here for a CSA "talk". Cara is coming out to the Ditmars area Wednesday 8/10 to give us some info on this program. So if you're in the Ditmars area or just interested, come by!