Friday, August 05, 2005

Weekend Edition - 05.08.05

All your buddies chillin' in the Hampty-Hamps? Sucks to be them - they don't get $1 PBR on their beach. Or hot doggers, for that matter. But we do. Check out the Water Taxi Beach this Saturday in LIC. That's a good place to wave to the LIC Boathouse paddlers. To get waved to by the PBR crowd mid-paddle, hook up with Erik Baard n' Co. at Hallet’s Cove (see map) at 11am on Saturday. Free paddles - all ages - fun times.

Sunday enjoy some fresh fruit from your tasty box of goodies from the Ravenswood CSA. Then head to Rainy Park and start a pick-up wiffle ball game. Dude. After you kick some wiffle-ass, unwind with a nice cool drink.

Finish out the weekend by helping plan to get that shoreline cleaned up. Or be wicked lame and let it stay nasty. Whatever.

See Edition.

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Anonymous said...

the water taxi beach is a hidden gem! my friends showed it to me a couple weeks ago and I thought it was their little secret. I will be back many times before the summer's end.