Thursday, October 13, 2005

Astorian Weekend Edition - 05.10.14

What says fall like a package of daffodil bulbs? Okay, they look like old balls of garlic, but they're *so* pretty when the come up! Be a part of your community and help plant some at ARROW Community Garden (35th St. between 35th & 36th avenues), Saturday around 11. Bulbs and dirt provided!

Now that you've planted you're ready for a nice Fall Harvest. Hooray for Socrates! From 11 to 3 they'll be having their Halloween Harvest Festival. Hello - you can make your own costume, listen to music (unfortunately its klezmer), and "make a fun project". There will be tasty foods from Sage American Kitchen and a Canine Costume Contest. Are you kidding me? They should do this every weekend.

So -- on Sunday, you get up, make coffee, read the paper sort of stop right there. Given that there have been about a zillion natural (and political) disasters every day for the past two months, the news is kind of sucking the wind out of your sails. Get that wind back! Astorians for Hurricane Relief will be having a free show at none other then the bohemian Freeze Peach Cafe featuring (Astorian) National Poetry Series winner Stephen Cramer and several other local artists. Uh...and what does that do? FP will be donating all the proceeds during the show (from 6-8) to our cause - America's Second Harvest Hurricane Relief Fund. Cause they rock.

That's how you take back fall from the hurricanes!

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