Thursday, October 06, 2005

Weekend Edition 05.10.07

You're at work. Your boss took off to make her long weekend even longer, but if you left, your annoying cubicle-neighbor would totally rat you out in a heartbeat to ingratiate himself with her.

Got cake?

You can have some tonight at Waltz-Astoria. Tonight Waltz will be hosting the fabulous kick-off benefit for Astorians for Hurricane Relief. And they have cake.

Oh my god - why did you eat all that cake last night? Well, this is your weekend to walk it off. Have you even wondered about the Astoria pool? I mean *really* wondered? Well, this Saturday, thanks to Open House New York you'll be able to see its guts. Tour its underground infrastructure from 10-1.

I don't know about you, but every time I walk by the Iron Workers building, I'm like "what are they doing in there?". Find out at 10 am on Sunday. If you're more about art than craft, you can get the low-down on the art scene in LIC. The Noguchi Museum will be hosting a panel discussion all about it at 11.

If you missed church in hopes of catching some hotty iron workers, no worries. On Monday, the Greater Astorian Historical Society will be touring not one, but *five* of them. Even the Church Lady will be proud.

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