Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert in Astoria

So, your plans this Columbus Day weekend include: shopping for fall clothes (no, you don't need them), doing your laundry while the laundromat's empty, and figuring out why this holiday is a point of Italian heritage when Columbus had to go to the Queen of Spain for his New World sailing money. Sounds like a blast.

*Or* you could catch a hot show Friday night at the newly minted Waltz's Astoria (23-14 Ditmars Blvd). The show is a collection of artists donating their time. And you will be, too! It's a benefit concert for America's Second Harvest Hurricane Relief Fund! Get the deets or donate directly at Astorians for Hurricane Relief.

PS. Haven't seen our poster? They're everywhere!


Unknown said...

no comprendo, dude. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Thank God! This guy had the worst graffati and spray painted everywhere.

Now he can look forward to Most Creative Cell Day. Poor Kiko, poor little Kiko.