Friday, April 21, 2006

Astorian Weekend Edition 21.04.06

Happy Earth Day!
Planning some remodeling? Need some materials for your fixer upper? Well we've got the right place for you right here near home. Build It Green! NYC is New York's only non-profit building supply store, now thats a great way to keep those landfills not so full.

On Sunday, there is an event in Manhattan that is near and dear to me. The MS Walk will be taking place at the South Street Seaport. Granted its not in Astoria, but hey if you're looking for a good deed-look no further! I've been walking for the past 5 years for my best friend who suffers from MS, and its actually a super fun way to do something important-helping to find a cure.

If you are staying local, go shopping over at the Vespa showroom. How cool is that? I plan on going to pay them a visit soon. Now with the weather finally clearing up, everyone's buying bikes - wouldn't it be so cool though to bust out one of these classic little beauties? They can do all sorts of customizing and repairs there too. Stop by on your way to the train since they are right off the 59th St. bridge on Crescent. Be sure to take your shades...they have some crazy colors!

Oh, don't forget to go join the local Hellgate CSA this summer for fresh local produce all season long! The enrollment has started and they have a nifty new site and blog so you can stay on top of your veggies. Talk about a green weekend!

image courtesy of HellGate CSA

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