Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Too gross for just one blog

this was originally posted to my other blog Gud Stuf NYC
is anyone else happy to see the meat supplier on Astoria Blvd. and 37th Street go? that place always had such a foul smell and seepage all over the sodewalk. thank goodness it happened before another hot summer, it was really unbearable walking by there on most days. i think it was called Napoli & Sons (but i might be wrong just cause the signs are gone and my memory sucks!) As you can see by the note on the gate, gross!

OK, here's my why i felt the need to post this here and not just on my other blog. I walked by this place on my way home yesterday and to my surprise...the place next door also had that notice on it. The flier must have already been there but in my disgusted state, i guess i missed it the first several times i walked by. So next door was a religious type place, a church or some kind of version of one. They closed within a year and that was awhile ago. But here is where my alarm kicks in... to the left of the vacant church is our beloved San Antonio Bakery! Does this mean that it's got rats? Do they not know it yet? Are we in for some bad news? I am keeping a close eye on this one. I mean, they are only 2 storefronts over from the gross meat place, all the walls could be infested... ugh


mia said...

this isn't really going to be helpful, but usually when those signs go up, it means they are getting ready to tear the building down.
at least that is what they do to houses when it is time for yet another 4-storey balconied yellow-brick apartment box.

Anonymous said...

or something ugly with greeen or pink stucco with a 'mediterranian' look aimed for low income.

look how they mutilated the old sterns warehouse. that is certainly aimed at an upscale market, eh?

and everyone wonders why we don't get a barnes & noble.

Unknown said...

I think this little area on the blvd could actually use a facelift. It's pretty gross as is. I wouldn't mind if they put in buildings like the one on the corner that the bakery is in-the top 2 floors are apartments i think. I'm not talking high end, just a better use of the space.
but i don't want to lose my san antonio!!!