Friday, May 26, 2006

Last Sunday at the Sculpture Park

And so on a rainy and cool sunday afternoon i trekked out to the Socrates Sculpture Park for the opening of the Interstate installation. The word on the street was there would be some good chow, and you know i'm a big fan of the yummm!
Chef Jonathan Forgash from Film Chefs in LIC supplied the grub. Sufficed to say, i ate and ate and then ended up with a to-go bag. Pulled pork sandwiches,salmon salad sandwiches and spicy chicken sandwiches were all the rage under the awning! When you really can't walk around much and enjoy the weather, there's nothing like eating some good food with friends.
The weather really didn't dampen anyone's spirits though, and it did eventually clear up and warm up alittle.
Here's a beautious shot of the salmon sandwich (and all these sandwiches were only $5 a pop!)
A happy chef is a good sign! Here we see Chef Jonathan at home in his big oven on wheels. If you see it coming down your street, i'd say follow it-there may be a sandwich in store for you too...
In between showers the crowd started picking up a bit. As some of you may know, the park is pretty much unpaved, so the rain really could have made for some muddy patches. Luckily it wasn't bad enough to affect getting up close and personal with some of the pieces.
This top piece was probably my favorite. It was all the street/traffic signs you could probably ever see with all the info painted off. It was fun walking around and in it trying to decipher all the different ones. It really was a huge piece, reminded me of a jungle gym.
Throughout the park were these mailboxes. They followed the trail around. Some of us tried to open them to see if this was more of an "interactive" piece but to no avail, they were all shut. But you could let people know whether or not there was mail by putting up the little flags!
Here was a "ranger". Two women travelling with the exhibit had a kind of field guide with specimens from all the places they visited on their cross country trip. You could pull out the different test tube'y things and see all the random things they picked up (one had gravy from a chicken dish they had at a truck stop somewhere in the midwest).
A look at the dessert spread....
And to finish off, one of the several wanted posters throughout the park. I actually took this because i liked the contrast in colors!
Thats that. It was a fun look at some contemporary art and a great meal all in one. The exhibit will be there until August 13th, so you have plenty of time to get a better weather day to visit.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Socrates Sculpture Park! My housemates and I have been attending the free Saturday yoga class and really enjoy it!