Monday, May 01, 2006

Mondays are so blah... i thought, this would be a perfect time to look for Astoria's cutest pet!!! yay! And its also something i can talk about without having to venture outside in the middle of my allergic hell. I would love pics of all your critters and to hear about their personalities. At the end of allergy season (i'm hoping june 1) i will post a little poll and you lucky peeps can vote for your favorite.
Just leave your comments/pics here or if you have larger'ish pics, feel free to email them to and i'll keep a list going.

I saw a subway poster the other day advertising Old Navy looking for a new mascot-and its only for dogs. I would totally have signed up my babies if they allowed felines, well too bad for them!

So have fun with it, lets see if we can't have a happy thread going here! Maybe we can get some prizes going or something....

(edited this post to remove my gratuitous pet pics! i'll save those for the contest!)


megc said...

Oh flooz, your kitties are super cute!!! They have wonderful ears!

Anonymous said...


Love the cats, but apparently all it takes is a single cat to overrun an apartment:
"In a Tiny Queens Apartment, 70 Cats Gone, and 28 to Go"

Unknown said...

Ahhhhhhh! and to think that i aspire to be a crazy cat woman... i think we definitley need a bigger place.

meg- the little curl on the ends of their ears is so adorable.
post your kitty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Flooz!

Your cats are just too cute! I adore em.

I've been thinking of getting a playmate for my little you think a Devon Rex would make a good companion for a frisky 5 year old cat?

Unknown said...

thanks snoodette!
love my little buggers!!! as for them as companions, i think that might be their calling in life. they are such social creatures...after 5 minutes with someone they are your best friend. if you wanted to come by and meet them to see how they do, you're welcome to visit! i'm this breed's biggest fan