Friday, September 08, 2006

Astorian Weekend Edition 8.9.06

Here we have it, a break in the rain!

Saturday join in on the Waterfront Parks Bike Tour! I've been wanting to do this since Joey did it last year, it looks like tons of fun and educational too. It will be led by local historian Richard Melnick of the Greater Astoria Historical Society so i assume questions are encouraged... Don't worry its only about 5 miles, and wont be more then 3 hours after all is said and done. Tag along but bring a helmet (kids are welcome too with a guardian, that is)
Meet up at 11AM at Gantry Plaza State Park (48th Ave & the East River)

After doing a good thing for the environment, go do a good thing for your social life! Pimps & Ho's Costume Party @ 9pm... and its not even Halloween yet! Sparrow Bar (corner of 29th St @ 24th Ave) is a pretty chill little spot i just stopped into on Weds night. This may become a semi regular place actually (they have a stash of boardgames!) Go dressed as your favorite Pimp or his "friend" and have a blast. Their beer selection is pretty cool too.

If you're in the market for chile's or peppers for your next fiesta, pop over to Original Mexican Food Deli (30-11 29th St) for pretty much the most extensive collection i've seen in the tri-state area! What's even better is that if they don't have what you need, the other Mexican market on the opposite corner probably will. It's like you can't lose!! (Pick up a tamale for a buck and you won't be disappointed either)

T&H Mini Market (28th Ave & 36th St) has the "realest" red bean ice cream ever. I've had it before in Japanese restaurants, but never like this. You could taste/feel the starchiness and upon closer inspection- you see the big ole plump beans! It was just so weird to me i had to let you all know about this random little market. Its like a bodega with odds and ends from an Asian market. Shrimp Crackers (which look like Cheetos) are hung next to a great standby of BBQ Dirty Chips, wasabi peas next to Jolly Ranchers, what an ecclectic mix huh? Check them out if you're just looking for something unexpected...

Culture more your calling? Wind down your weekend on Sunday @ 7pm with Beethoven's World. St. Joseph's Church (43-19 30th Avenue @ 43rd Street) kicks off the season opener of the Astoria Music Society, make sure you check the website for tickets or call AMS at 718.204.9036.

OH and blackout troubles weren't all my pal Ali over at Kabab Cafe had to deal with recently. He has, as of this week lost his sidekick and cook extraordinaire Luis and is on the hunt for a new person. Know of anyone? He's got a few friends coming in and helping out for now but he definitley needs someone else in the kitchen. Personally i think its an awesome opportunity to learn from this inventive foodie. Check out his ad on craigslist if you don't believe me! Or you could always stop in there yourself and grab a bite... (25-12 Steinway St. @ 25th Ave)


Annie said...

SO much to do! Great tips, as always, darling... I plan to: put on my pimp outfit and ride my bike along the East River and over to Original Mexican Food, take a tamale with me to the Beethoven fest and pimp it to the first buyer. Uh. Yeah.

Amarula Dreams said...

You rock. And as my local expert on all things Astoria, I have a question for you: does the Bohemian Hall show NFL games on Sundays? I'm totally torn between wanting to be outside this weekend for what's probably going to be one of the last nice Sundays of the year, and wanting to watch the Giants. (I've called the place a couple times but no one ever picks up the phone).

Sky-ami said...

That's Korean red bean ice cream bars! They're awesome!!!