Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Open Letter to Summer 2006

Dear Summertime,

What happened? I thought we were soul mates. I feel a little vulnerable saying that, but after all the golden dusks and steamy nights, I feel like I've really bonded with you. Kind of like how your sometime 100% humidity stickiness bonded my upper thigh to the subway seat. Good times. Are you going already? Did the picnics in the park, Mister Softee visits, and bike rides to Brooklyn mean nothing to you? Your obvious exit these days is a bit disdainful to say the least. Couldn't you at least break it to me easy, instead of turning your back as soon as Labor Day hits? Well, Summertime, in the immortal words of that prolific 80's band Roxette, It must have been love, but its over now...
Maybe we'll hook up again next year? Until then, here are some of my favorite memories from our time together.

P.S. Autumn is way sexier than you anyways.

Farm-fresh ramps from our CSA!

Meat cage! The universal sign of street fair season.

Socrates Sculpture Park opening day.

Gantry Park for Fourth of July!

Classic summertime fieldtrip: Giant squid vs. Sperm whale at the American Museum of Natural History.

Nathan's original. Coney Island. Midnight in August.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park (pre US Open madness)

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