Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Water Taxi Goes Vegan

If you've got a soft spot for chickens and cows, then you are all too aware that - while Astoria's menu is pretty diverse - it's a bit light on vegan fare. Well, no news here about that. But for one time only, Water Taxi Beach in LIC will be having a special vegan extravaganza with self-described "underground chef Matteo" This Saturday. (I never understood that. Cooking underground sounds a little gross to me, and I mean, are you a chef or not, dude?)

But regardless, the menu sounds quite tasty and if you can stand the oddly kitty-litter-esque sand, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of all the overpriced apartments in Manhattan that you could be living in, but aren't. (Unless you live in City Lights. Then you're out of luck. But the food will probably still taste good.) All while savoring Thyme-Scented Cashew Cheese Ravioli with Micro Greens. Of course.

Deets at the Water Taxi Beach Blog.

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