Friday, June 22, 2007

Weekend Edition Update!

Just a heads up to all your teachers and school administrators - the Beer Garden is having a Teacher Appreciation Party TODAY. They open at 3pm, it's free admission, and the BBQ will be open (I don't think that's free, though). Everyone is welcome, though, but if you have a teacher friend, consider bringing them over and buying them a drink.


Unknown said...

Perhaps I've missed something, but isn't it always free to get into the beer garden? Last I checked they werent charging a cover.

Unknown said...

sadly no, not always free anymore. weds night karaoke will set you back $5 (if and when they have it). seems like they look for random events to charge a cover for. eh, just another negative aspect of the ever popular BG

megc said...

Yep, sadly, special events often have cover charges. Blah.