Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Water Taxi Beach - Awesome!

I still haven't been there, but I read lots of good press about the Water Taxi Beach in LIC. Metroblogging in NYC has a nice writeup about the WTB this week. Nice pix, too! If you plan to go in the next day or so (hello July 4!), take note of this message on their homepage:

On July 4th starting at 3pm there is an all-day concert in our parking lot; NO Parking is available. Access to the beach on July 4th is by Ticket ONLY and is SOLD OUT. Access to the Patti Fund for Children w/ Cancer event in the parking lot is for a suggested donation of $10 and is first come first served.

They're also having post-WarmUp parties Saturday nights, which they call "Beach Party" this year. This night they feature In Flagranti from Brooklyn. From what I can tell they are DJs... I think.

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Unknown said...

hi, Harry from WTB here. We have started to add new sand for an expanded volleyball section.