Thursday, July 05, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 05.07.07

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day yesterday! I know the Macy's fireworks had some rain to contend with but I hope that didn't dampen anyone's spirits. I went to the beach and skipped the light display (but caught the Grucci show in Astoria Park last Friday). This week's end should have some nice weather mixed in with some thunderstorms - a typical summer in the east. This weekend (Saturday) also brings us 07-07-07. Cool! After Saturday, check out the flickr group called 07-07-07. People will be taking lots of pictures on that day, chronicling their lives. I'll be submitting a few myself.

Also on Saturday, Last Resort is having a rooftop party at 4pm their space... and there will be grilling involved, just bring your own grill-friendly food and/or a drink to share. At 9pm that night, they're having a rock show ($4 cover), including A Fistful of Dynamite, Suburban Riot, OUCH, and Blanketstatementstein. You can find Last Resort at 8-63 Astoria Blvd.

Hellgate Social, a great spot in western Astoria (12-21 Astoria Blvd), is active this week's end - Thursday through Sunday brings all sorts of live music, DJing, and a CD release party. No sign of a movie this Sunday, though (last week's showing of Dr. Strangelove was pretty awesome).

On Saturday, Waltz-Astoria is also holding a big bash at the beautiful Grand Ballroom upstairs at the Moose Lodge (did you know we had one?). There will be music, video-art, a funny guy emcee, and beer and wine to drink. The Lodge is at 41st and Broadway (down by Steinway). Get your $15 tickets at

Also, Thursday begins adult lap swim at Astoria Pool, too. You can swim in the mornings from 7-8:30am or in the evenings, 7-8:30pm. I hope to do some of the evening swims, myself. Lap swimming goes until August 31 this summer. After you swim, you can head over to a number of places in the area: Agnanti (Ditmars and 19th) and Bistro 33 (21st and Ditmars) come to mind, or you can walk a bit further and find yourself at the Beer Garden or Sparrow (across the street from the BG). Their burger sounds like a great ending to a nice swim. Head to Oleput (Ditmars and 33rd Street) after that for a shake or a float. Yummmm!

And remember Warm Up is this weekend. It's always a lot of fun at this event at PS1. You'll get a chance to hear some DJs and live music, dance, dance, dance, then head to Water Taxi Beach for Beach Party afterwards. Warm Up starts at 3pm and goes for 6 hours, until 9pm, and Water Taxi Beach will be all geared up by 9!

More fun, here.

Fireworks Photo Credit: Lia Pelosi


Unknown said...

Interesting about 07/07/07. A lot of people believe that was originally going to be the release date of the new Harry Potter book, but JK Rowling declined because that was also the date of the London bombings.

megc said...

Yow, I had forgotten about this date being that of the London bombings. I'll be helping friends move that day, will try to get some snaps during the process!

Really looking forward to the new HP book, too.