Thursday, October 18, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 18.10.07

On Thursday from 7-9:30pm, join a new division at Break (32-04 Broadway) and earn yourself a free cuestick! The APA meets up regularly on thursdays there anyway- but get there today and score a stick :)

So there is more then corporate coffee making going on at the Starbucks on Steinway! Who knew? Coffee Tub Productions is presenting the 4th edition of their monthly musical showcase series. It's going on from 7 to 10pm on Friday. The event's organizer Sean Tubridy says "The Showcase has become a hot spot for local talent to hone their chops before moving up to the Manhattan and Brooklyn open mic scene". Personally I think its funny that alot of the artists are current/former employees of the joint! Are we looking at a retro beatnik coffeehouse jam? Not sure, but at least its something.

I went to the NY Cares back in the spring and found it very "neighborhood-ingly" fulfilling. If you missed out on the fun- you've got another chance this Saturday. Check the site and look for a local group and location and jump right in!

Just an FYI, Il Bambino (34-08 31st Ave) is ripe for the eating :) The menu has changed up a bit since I last visited, so maybe you'll want to stop over and pick out new favorite or two!

On Sunday, if the "Fall" weather stays friendly- go check out the uber cool installation at Socrates (Broadway @ Vernon). The Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition has some of the most interesting pieces I have seen at the park. Like this huge metal crow- i'm totally fascinated!

foto credit Newell the Jewell
- The scarecrow is part of Groundswell by Rachel Owens at Socrates Sculpture Park


gstar said...

speaking of food, have you heard anything about that new place Table 30 on 30th ave & 35th st? looks like it just opened...

Anthony said...

It should be noted that this weekend at Il Bambino, they've started weekend specials. Right now they have an incredible panini of speck, cortland apples, fontina, and rosemary oil.

Mel B said...

i took some pix of the sculpture park and they are here:

one of them even placed in the salute to queens parks photography contest i read about on this site. thx!