Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great Chocolate Find

I was just in Fresh Start Market (23rd Ave east of 29th Street), and discovered they have a new Green & Black's chocolate bar! It's dark chocolate with sour cherries, OH so good. Everything is organic, too. I definitely recommend you pick up a bar if you like this flavor combination.

They also have Dagoba chocolate there, and I recommend the "Seeds" bar. It's sweet, nutty, and salty at the same time. Dark chocolate with all sorts of interesting seeds. Yum.


Brian Dailey said...

I believe that the Berry Fresh Farm on Ditmars & 45th also has the Green & Black chocolate bars.

megc said...

Cool. Good to know! Thanks, brian. I think their chocolate is truly fab.

Jeff Kaiser said...

Excellent....many of the G&B bars are vegan, I hope that one is....

Thanks for the comment on my blog, doing fine here. I hope your family is ok.